From afar the UK a sad sight

Here in New York our experience is the same as in Georgetown. The streets are bustling, the carrier bags full and somehow there is a real confidence exuded as we pass along the streets. America is out of recession, the US is pulling off its renewal trick and the Government is looking to book an initial ten billion profit on bailing out the banks.
In comparison what a sad sight the UK looks especially from this side of the pond. Immigration, government jobs and and the many millions simply living on hand-outs create the absurd situation where an utterly incompetent, corrupt, surveillance-crazy, back-ward looking government led by a man who has never been elected by anyone – could actually get another five years in power.

We are the most watched county in Europe- possibly reduced in just thirteen Blair/Brown years to something rivalling the old East Germany. Blair/Brown have pushed through Parliament almost one law PER DAY over those thirteen years! At the same time Parliament has been bought-off leaving little if any scrutiny of legislation.

This is the election that really will change lives. Can our traditional values ever be restored? The Tories are the only hope. But can anyone turn back Labour’s election rigging?



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