Last Thought of the Year

I keep hearing and reading that there is only one way forward for the UK-the European Union, and ever-closer-union. But, the pros never provide useful information allowing me to build a compelling scenario. I still don’t know why the EU will be successful. Its banks are largely bust; many of its nations are insolvent and its leaders don’t lead. Its demographics, read a decade ago and more, have suggested low growth and high costs of capital. It seems destined to exist behind trade barriers (and in due course exchange controls). Why would we wish to remain committed to a social and democratic model that doesn’t appeal to many, perhaps most, Brits? How does continued membership (on the basis of the present social model) enhance and promote Britain in a world that is leaving Europe behind? I’m not suggesting that we suddenly gain global success and increased influence; rather we might stand still where we are, while Europe slowly submerges under the weight of its own lack of foresight, leadership and influence.


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